Why us?

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Bufete Suárez de Vivero has always been known for its expertise in corporate labour law and collective bargaining agreements. The firm has managed to adapt itself both to the local needs as well as to the new era where global and international services are required.


Our firm has succeeded to cater without compromising the “custom made service” typical of small firms, and always led personally by the trusted attorney, both to small or local businesses as well as to large corporations with multi-jurisdictional disputes, requiring international law firms fluent in various languages and with the ability to work in parallel on multiple work centers scattered around the globe.


Since its foundation in 1975, our firm has created a dynamic and service oriented team, which cooperates very closely with other non-legal areas that are closely related to any company’s work environment, (such as economic and organization engineering).


Our attorneys have a holistic understanding of the law, seeking to have a comprehensive understanding of our clients’ problems and needs and not limiting the solutions to the pure application of the law or jurisprudence. We train human resources personnel; create wage policies; take part in the company’s business, technical and financial viability plans, as well as in the steering committees when needed; we negotiate all kinds of settlements, pacts and agreements; and last but not least represent our client’s interests in court.