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General Labor Advice

The area of Employment Law and Social Security directly covers any matter that affects the labor relations between company and employees. Advicing and defending the Companies interests, drafting and negotiating all types of individual and collective agreements; mediating and arbitrating any type of labor conflict, plant restructurings, transfer of underkings, labor risks, employee and HR training courses and defending the clients interest before the Labor Courts whenever needed.

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Company viability and social plans

We negotiate the Company viability plans with workers councils and trade unions. We advice the Company on how to identify new business activities and how to strengthen the existing ones. Together with the client, we help the Company evaluate the possible investment possibilities, as well as those related to Production and Management, and how these may affect the labor conditions. 

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Due Diligence

We analyze the different areas of the Company from an employment perspective to guarantee that rights and obligations both from employees and management are fully respected. Company transactions involving mergers and transfer of undertakings may imply the existance of different types of risks for the potential buyer and seller.

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Human Resources training courses 

We train Human Resources personnel to help them obtain and share a global vision of their department; to develop in a proactive way the different functions their department which is responsible of managing the most important company's asset: people. We train and update people in knowing and understanding the modern HR techniques and policies, and how these are affected by the existing employment regulations. We help integrating staff in the Company's project and in developing individual abilities to adapt to its activity. 


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Social Welfare

We help the Company to negotiate and implement the different types of pension plans both private and with the social security, not only from a legal perspective but also from a fiscal and financial side. These are very useful human resources tools that play an important role with regards to collective negotiation.

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Company Collective Agreements

The company collective agreements in all its forms have been transformed by our current labor regulations in a very important tool to be used by employers. Company agreement allow the negotiating parties to escape from the rigidness of the sectorial agreements and regulate the labor conditions according to their own needs. Our Firm over 40 years of experience helping the company ellaborate and negotiate employment and labor agreements of any kind with the works council.

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Health and Safety at Work

Our lawyers have a degree as superior technitians in health and safety, in all 4 specialties (security, hygene, psicosociological and ergonomy). These allow us to better advice our clients, not only from a legal but also from a technical perspective, in all related to health and safety in the work place.

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Sports law

The Sports Law field covers a multi-disciplinary legal advice for sport organizations (Clubs, Federations, Associations, Foundations), sportsmen and administrative organizations, carrying out extrajudicial interventions and defending cases before the Competent Tribunals.

Our lawyers offer high level sportsmen representation, legal advice in image rights, brand and sponsorship contracts, licences, etc., as well as coordination and legal advice in the organization of national and international sport events. 

Eva Suárez Tellechea, who leads the Sports Law field, has a wide experience in the world of sport events having worked in international organizations such as T.E.A.M. Marketing A.G. (UEFA Champions League), the Olympic Winter Games of Torino 2006, Formula 1, and F.C. Barcelona, among others.

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In principle, and conditioned to the Spanish Legislation and the International Treaties of which Spain is part of, an expatriate is a person that lacks a Spanish nationality. Immigration law includes general advice to the expatriate in giving information of all the rights and obligations he/she may be subject to in Spain; how to access the Spanish nationality or how to recover it in case of loss; visas and spanish residence and permanence; family grouping and work authorities.


The fields of practice in this area are focused on the implantation of incentive retributive systems, work place evaluations, work timing and methods, performance systems, as well as creation of staff participation systems that guarantee the obtainment of better global results by making the worker cooperate more in the achievement of the Company’s goals


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“Because each person is unique and has within itself the best solution to improve. In order to discover it, only a personalized and suitable advice is needed.”

Within our Firm, Anne Petit is highly specialized in coaching and we offer our clients a personal guidance and help to overcome complex professional situations and to encounter solutions that help develop their talents in a global and long lasting manner.

We count on specific tools to help the person in (i) observing the situation that needs to be overcome, from all its different perspectives (ii) in defining clear objectives that suit the specific problem; (iii) in accepting and understanding the needs and problems; (iv) to correctly respond to the situation; (v) to measure whether the adopted solution is helping to fix the problem or whether the approach needs to be modified